April 28, 2005

New Look

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Trying hard for a new look. Hope this design doesn’t hurt your eyes. Feel free to comment, so that i can make it much better.


April 25, 2005

Big Brother: Watching You:

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It happened that i got to extend my stay for another month in Taiwan. Usually we are allowed to stay only 30 days in a business trip, but since i had multiple entries, it was decided to go out of Taiwan and to re-enter. I was thinking of visiting Macau this time as i visited Hongkong during my earlier trips to Taipei. But then in the last minute i changed my mind to visit Bangkok for some unknown reasons. I stayed in Bangkok for two days and came back to Taipei on 23’rd. I’ll try later to blog about my BKK trip.
When i came back to Taiwan airport, cleared the immigration without any issues but i was stopped by couple of officials in the Customs clearance. They were scanning through my hand luggage and I was asked to remove my shoes. It was very unusual and never find any such difficulties in Taipei. After checking everything they found nothing except some bouquet of orchids.
None of others were scanned like me and i kept thinking what made them to suspect me. (of trafficking some drugs???).
On the way to Hotel, i was still trying to recollect what did i do and realized later that i tried two times to tie down my shoe laces when i was walking out of the flight.

April 16, 2005

Inspire the next

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Currently I’m in Taipei and one of my colleague in Taiwan told me that Taiwan govt has recently banned using portable mp3 players in schools. The teachers claims that the students are just listening to their iPods and they aren’t talking to other students. “Kanna Moochi, Oaado pudichu ellam vilayada time illa”.
Wanna know how does this portable disks work?

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