December 14, 2005

To my mom – 2

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பிடிக்காத ஒன்றையும்
பிடிவாதமாக உன்பேன்
பிரியமாய் அம்மா – நீ
சமைத்தாய் என்பதால்.

English version

Though i don’t like
Would compel myself – to
consume the food.
Only becuase it was made by you !!!


December 1, 2005

Train Train !!!

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As usual i have to start this way that it has been a long time since i had any posts here. Well even some of my earlier posts says there are many things to tell, but now all of sudden everything seems to be stopped, everything seems to be working the opposite way. Whatever i wanted to share with everyone, now i’m just trying to digest myself.

But then i have some others things to share !!! Yes, if you remember i had wrriten a story about him, her and train in the past that was published even in this blog.

In this line i have made few more stories which revolves around trains. I’m planning to post them one by one and possible i’m planning to compile them under a title.

So wait for my stories… They are on the way !!!

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