January 30, 2006

Krithika !!!

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Krithika!!! that’s how i remember her name. Yeah it was she that’s for sure. Feeling so happy talking to her.
Couple of times we were seen around together. What was it? That was a game or something? like too many recursions as in “Memento”. I couldn’t really remember the sequence of all our meetings. Her dressing sense appeared to be too perfect for me. I don’t really remember what we talked about. Suddenly then this happened? She disappeared!!! 😦

What time we got? 0800 Hrs GMT+7.00!!!
Jeez that was a wonderful dream !

I’m gonna try very hard feeling her more until i see someone else around in my dream 🙂

Good day !!!


January 29, 2006

I’m working on it

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Good. Spent almost three to four hours in making a hell lot of enhancements to my page.
Got plugged in with online visitor tracker, pageload statistics and also got my own new logo and buttons.
Thanks to statcounter, neocounter, cooltext and ofcourse Photoshop CS2.

So tell me how does it look like?


January 28, 2006

Welcome demigod !!!

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Hold on a second!!! A brand new blog! with a secret identity – demigod. What does that mean?
You’ll not know actually who i’m and you’ll not see my photographs here, but i do want to write all about myself, things happening around me. It’s all nothing for gaining popularity (anyway i won’t be doing that with a secret identity rather i would prefer to become popular with my own name) or enriching my writing skills, it’s all only for keeping myself balanced between my own forms of angels and demons.

So just started it and that’s all for now!! You’ll see demigod all around this blogsphere !

Find me if you can and just follow me(in this blog) if you can’t.

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