August 14, 2006

Behind the scenes – CNN Business Traveller.

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I got a chance to get a glimpse of CNN business traveller video shoot, during my last trip to Israel. On 27th May 2006, I visited dead sea along with couple of my friends in Israel. We went in a package tour (the same one i took when i visited Jerusalem) to visit Dead sea and Masada. They picked up us in the morning 07:00 from our hotel in Tel-Aviv. It took almost an hour to reach this place.

Dead sea shares border with Jordan and Israel for fewer kilometers. It’s called dead sea, because there is no living creatures in this sea due to it’s heavy salt and mineral contents. They say the mineral contents in this sea is 10 times more than the regular one. This kind of density makes anything and everything floats in this sea. People can just take off their feet and float in the sea like lying in a bed.

But be very careful enough while floating in the water. If you happen to open your eyes in the water, it irretates a lot. Floating yourself is very easy even if you do not know swimming. But getting your feet back on ground is too difficult as it requires a bit of swimming actions. So the non swimmers should be careful while getting back from water. I would suggest do anything very slowly while you are in water. Don’t be scared and hurry which makes you and your neighbour suffer.

Now back to the subject. While we were enjoying floating ourselves in the water, we saw a team of four people coming with a professional video camera. They were from CNN and they were there to shoot Business traveller episode in Dead sea. First time i watched a TV shoot. They were taking several shots of same scenes like a movie, but only difference is that they are just four people.

One handling camera, one handling audio recording, other one seems to be like a director setting the take and the last one acting on his own – great Richard. Richard was delivering his dialogues with his own style and he was asking everyone to confirm if it was ok. The entire team was working so friendly and even in between a take Richard went for a casual swim.

Then they came back to another shot where Richard was trying to read a news paper while in the water. It was nice to watch being in the spot and being in the water.

I told my friends that i might appear in CNN. Few weeks back, this episode came in CNN but (un)fortunately we were not shown in the program. Might be that we all appeared much more brighter than Richard so they took care of it in post production. Anyway overall it was a remarkable visit. 🙂


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