August 17, 2006

Voice of those crying children !!!

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They are two different schools from two different parts of the world. Teachers from the respective schools asked one of their students to write a letter. Both of them wrote a letter. There is something very common between them which made them to write same kind of letter. It may or may not be a coincidece but both of those letters appeared exactly the same except the signature. Excerpts from those looklike similar letters are given below.

Dear dad,

I do not know really where are you right now?. It’s been several days/weeks since i have seen you last time. Many of my friends are saying that you are doing a great job. Everybody is proud of you. Mom keeps telling me that you will back very soon. Though she pretends to be happy, i have seen her crying alone. I want to play with you in the evenings like we used to do before. I want to go around places with you. I just want to tell you that we all missing you a lot. Dad, please come back soon!.

Your loving kid.

And here are the signatures:

Signature from Letter 1

Haifa, Israel.

Signature from Letter 2

Qana, Lebanon.


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  1. There is also children killed by the Sri Lankan Government’s bombing

    Comment by CAPitalZ — August 18, 2006 @ 6:14 pm

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