January 6, 2008

Indian Railway Online booking – Tips & Tricks

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If you are one of those who use IRCTC – indian railway website for online reservations, here are few tips.

If you use firefox, better get the add-on Greasemonkey and the user script specially made for this site. This will help you to get the ticket availability on the same page as search outputs. See below the screen snapshot.

Check this site for more details.

While you quote for your berth preferences, there are few radio buttons on this site as shown below.

I would suggest not to use them. In case if the condition you choose will not be met, then the tickets won’t be booked. But the worst part is that you’ll come to know this only after ending up paying your money. Yes, it takes you all the way thorough you key-in your card details and make a payment and then it validates your conditions. Anyway the money should be returned to your account within next 3 to 4 working days.

Initially i thought they have this validation in their code in a wrong place, but then i also realized probably they will have the latest status only when we pay as there are so many users making reservations online. What do you think?

And here is the coach layout which will help you to know where you’ll be placed.

Compartment layout

Berth layout

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