August 21, 2007

A different clock!

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A realtime online “man made” clock – check out this site


August 23, 2006

CAPSoff Campaign

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There is a online campaign happening, to get rid of CAPS LOCK key in the keybords.
They need this functionality associated with any combination of control or function keys but they do not want to see a dedicated key.
If you also feel like one of them, go and sign up your online petition.

August 22, 2006

Felt like a ‘real’ home!

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For the last few days, we are facing some power interruptions in our office.
Yesterday night around 8.00PM i was sitting in my balcony and suddenly this happened, power cut in our entire street.
For last five years in Cyprus, this never happened before. I used to tell my parents that the Cyprus government they do inform us well in advance in case if there is going to be a power interruptions. They inform us by putting a note in every house. This record was broken yesterday. Yes, with out a notice it happened yesterday.

Everyone came out of their house and i could understand they were are all pissed off. Since it’s unusual i didn’t have any candles at home. Lighter was the only source of light, i managed to spend one or two hours in balcony. Being it’s summer i decided to sleep in the balcony itself. While all this happened, some how i felt happy and wanted this (being with out power) to continue for few more hours. Though it was difficult to be in dark, the only thought which made me happy was feeling like home. Yes i felt like being in India. That’s what made me to think that way!.

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