January 6, 2008

Indian Railway Online booking – Tips & Tricks

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If you are one of those who use IRCTC – indian railway website for online reservations, here are few tips.

If you use firefox, better get the add-on Greasemonkey and the user script specially made for this site. This will help you to get the ticket availability on the same page as search outputs. See below the screen snapshot.

Check this site for more details.

While you quote for your berth preferences, there are few radio buttons on this site as shown below.

I would suggest not to use them. In case if the condition you choose will not be met, then the tickets won’t be booked. But the worst part is that you’ll come to know this only after ending up paying your money. Yes, it takes you all the way thorough you key-in your card details and make a payment and then it validates your conditions. Anyway the money should be returned to your account within next 3 to 4 working days.

Initially i thought they have this validation in their code in a wrong place, but then i also realized probably they will have the latest status only when we pay as there are so many users making reservations online. What do you think?

And here is the coach layout which will help you to know where you’ll be placed.

Compartment layout

Berth layout

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August 14, 2006

Behind the scenes – CNN Business Traveller.

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I got a chance to get a glimpse of CNN business traveller video shoot, during my last trip to Israel. On 27th May 2006, I visited dead sea along with couple of my friends in Israel. We went in a package tour (the same one i took when i visited Jerusalem) to visit Dead sea and Masada. They picked up us in the morning 07:00 from our hotel in Tel-Aviv. It took almost an hour to reach this place.

Dead sea shares border with Jordan and Israel for fewer kilometers. It’s called dead sea, because there is no living creatures in this sea due to it’s heavy salt and mineral contents. They say the mineral contents in this sea is 10 times more than the regular one. This kind of density makes anything and everything floats in this sea. People can just take off their feet and float in the sea like lying in a bed.

But be very careful enough while floating in the water. If you happen to open your eyes in the water, it irretates a lot. Floating yourself is very easy even if you do not know swimming. But getting your feet back on ground is too difficult as it requires a bit of swimming actions. So the non swimmers should be careful while getting back from water. I would suggest do anything very slowly while you are in water. Don’t be scared and hurry which makes you and your neighbour suffer.

Now back to the subject. While we were enjoying floating ourselves in the water, we saw a team of four people coming with a professional video camera. They were from CNN and they were there to shoot Business traveller episode in Dead sea. First time i watched a TV shoot. They were taking several shots of same scenes like a movie, but only difference is that they are just four people.

One handling camera, one handling audio recording, other one seems to be like a director setting the take and the last one acting on his own – great Richard. Richard was delivering his dialogues with his own style and he was asking everyone to confirm if it was ok. The entire team was working so friendly and even in between a take Richard went for a casual swim.

Then they came back to another shot where Richard was trying to read a news paper while in the water. It was nice to watch being in the spot and being in the water.

I told my friends that i might appear in CNN. Few weeks back, this episode came in CNN but (un)fortunately we were not shown in the program. Might be that we all appeared much more brighter than Richard so they took care of it in post production. Anyway overall it was a remarkable visit. 🙂

March 17, 2006

Visiting Jerusalem

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Yes, tomorrow 18th March i’m planning to visit Jerusalem. I’m taking one day egged tour available from the hotel. I thought better to visit this place along with other tourists with the packaged tour instead of going on my own. Below the details from the hand-out.

Wait for a detailed post with snaps from Jerusalem.

Purim celebrations in Israel

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On wednesday 14th March Purim festival was celebrated here in Israel. Though the festival falls on 14th, you can feel the festive mood of the people here for the entire week. As per the book of Esther, Purim signifies the deliverance of persian jews from the evil Haman. People do exchange sweets and wear masks/fancy dresses to celbrate this joyes day. It’s good to see people everywhere, especially childrens wearing fancy costumes. On this day morning when i went to office, i found this on my table. Yes chocalates distributed by Amdocs for all their employees.

June 13, 2005

Out for two weeks

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Well, going back to Taiwan for about two weeks. I don’t think i’ll be able to post anything until i get back to Cyprus. (As if i’m posting regularly from Cyprus!!!)

Until then take care and see you soon !!! (See you Soon, sounds like a chinese name isn’t it?)

May 23, 2005

Get High in Macau: 100% Natural High

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கடந்த 3 மாசமா தாய்வான் -ல தான் குப்பை கொட்டிட்டு இருக்கேன். இந்தோ ஒரு மாசம்தான் போயிட்டு வந்துடுன்னாங்க, இங்க வந்தா இன்னும் ஒரு மாசம், இன்னும் ஒரு மாசம்னு இழுத்துபுட்டாங்கோ. ஒவ்வொரு தடவ தாய்வான் -ல நுழையும்போதும் 30 நாள் தான் தங்கலாம். ஆனா இதுல எனக்கு multiple entry விசா இருக்கறதால 30 நாளைக்கு ஒரு தரம் அப்படியே தாய்வானை விட்டு வெளியே போயிட்டு உள்ளே வந்துடுண்டாங்க. போன முறை பேங்காக் போயிட்டு வந்தேன். இந்த முறை பக்கத்துல இருக்குற மகாவு (Macau) போயிருந்தேன்.
மகாவு ஹாங்காங் பக்கத்துல ஒரு சின்ன தீவு, ஹாங்காங்-ல இருந்து Ferry-லேயே போயிடலாம். முழு தீவையும் சுத்தி பார்க்க ஒரு 2 நாள் போதும். போன வார கடைசில அங்கதான் ஜாகை. மகாவுல எல்லாமே பொழுதுபோக்கு அம்சங்கள்தான். Casinos, Pubs, Discotheque, massage/sauna parlours வேற என்னென்னான்றீங்க, எங்க போனாலும் இதான்.

அப்புறம் இங்கேயும் ஒரு பெரிய டவர் கட்டி வெச்சு இருக்காங்க. இந்த டவர் பூரா ஒரே பொழுதுபோக்கு அயிட்டங்கள்தான். Revolving Restaurants, Bungee Jumping, Para Gliding, Iron walk, Sky Walk அப்புறம் Mast Walk வேற.

இங்க மகாவு டவர் பத்தி கொஞ்சம்.

The Tower is 338m high at its highest point.
The main observation level is 223m above ground.
It is the 10th tallest free-standing tower in the world, 8th tallest in Asia.
From the highest viewing deck it is possible to see 55km away.
The Tower can withstand winds of up to 400km/h.
The steel mast on top of the Tower is 90m tall.
The Tower was designed principally by Gordon Moller of CCMBECA, New Zealand.
Macau Tower is a member of the World Federation of Great Towers.

மேல சொன்ன Details எல்லாம் இங்க இருந்து சுட்டது.

மேல சொன்ன Sky Walk முயற்சி பண்ணலாம்னு மேல ஏறிட்டேன். மேல போனா தலை சுத்த ஆரம்பிச்சிடுச்சு. 233 மீட்டர் உயரத்துல திறந்த வெளியில ஒரு ஸ்டீல் ஷாவ்ட் மேல ஒரு ரவுண்டு அடிக்கனுமாம். முதுகுல கம்பி போட்டு கட்டி இருந்தாலும், கை கால் கட்டப்படாததால என்னமோ ரோட்ல நடக்குற மாதிரிதான் தோனுது. அங்க்தான் பிரச்சினையே!. அவ்வளவு உயரத்துல இருந்து குனிஞ்சு பார்த்தா எல்லாம் எறும்பு மாதிரி தெரியுது.

இப்படிதான் எல்லாரும் நடக்குறாங்க !!!

இதுல இன்னும் என்ன கொடுமைன்னா மேல கூட்டிட்டு போன கைடு, போட்டோ எடுக்கிறேன்னு சொல்லி அங்க நின்னு, இங்க நின்னு, ஒத்த கால்ல நின்னு, கால தொங்க போட்டு உக்காருன்னு ஒரு 10 நிமிஷம் உயிர புடுங்கி பைல போட்டுகிட்டான். எப்படியோ போங்க பத்திரமா தாய்வான் வந்து சேர்ந்துட்டேன்.

ஆமா ஒரு certificate வேற கொடுத்தாங்க !!! I’m a certified Sky Walker now 🙂

April 25, 2005

Big Brother: Watching You:

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It happened that i got to extend my stay for another month in Taiwan. Usually we are allowed to stay only 30 days in a business trip, but since i had multiple entries, it was decided to go out of Taiwan and to re-enter. I was thinking of visiting Macau this time as i visited Hongkong during my earlier trips to Taipei. But then in the last minute i changed my mind to visit Bangkok for some unknown reasons. I stayed in Bangkok for two days and came back to Taipei on 23’rd. I’ll try later to blog about my BKK trip.
When i came back to Taiwan airport, cleared the immigration without any issues but i was stopped by couple of officials in the Customs clearance. They were scanning through my hand luggage and I was asked to remove my shoes. It was very unusual and never find any such difficulties in Taipei. After checking everything they found nothing except some bouquet of orchids.
None of others were scanned like me and i kept thinking what made them to suspect me. (of trafficking some drugs???).
On the way to Hotel, i was still trying to recollect what did i do and realized later that i tried two times to tie down my shoe laces when i was walking out of the flight.

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