September 18, 2006

3000 Hits in three days – How to make a hot blog?

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One post with Surya Jothika marriage snaps made that all.

Yes, 1192 hits, best day ever this blog had.

You can see below the N number of search items that lead to this post.

And then in wordpress home page, among the hot post and hot blog entries – demigod 🙂

Surya/Jo, please plan for your first child soon, I need to maintain this trafic. 🙂 By the way people, i have crossed 14,000 hits already.


August 18, 2006

Sure, i’m growing now :)

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demigod is listed in wordpress blog, as the early adapters of custom CSS option with excellent design(?).

Since then this blog got a huge humber of hits, which is a way far from the usual one.

Sure, i’m growing now 🙂

August 16, 2006

Give me more colors !!!

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Cool!. Gone are those days where i had only two colors black and white to switch over between. Yes, i’m talking about colors of hemingway theme. Now that i have upgraded my blog with “Edit CSS” option, i have already started to tweak around the colors.

Though 15$ is a little high price for having this edit option opened just for an year, it must be cheaper than having my own hosting plan powered with wordpress. Other alternatives are to switch over from wordpress which i’m not able to do right this moment as i’m getting addicted to wordpress and hemingway.

If you are one among those who are addicted to wordpress and hemingway, check out this forum for cool ideas of changes. You may also check this page for detailed html color codes that you might require for your own designs. So tell me how demigod shaping out? Is n’t it getting better?

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